Our Website, “A Death in the Hospital”, was first published on the Internet in late 1996. It continued to be served until July 8, 1999. We were then forced to remove the site because of a General Release we signed only under duress. After a long series of events that are explained in the hyperlink below called, “Coerced Contract”, we repudiated the invalid contract for silence and re-published our website. We both are in the medical field and have a duty to speak the truth. “The Devil is in the Details” and the details of our case should prove instructive to those seeking solutions.

This Preface page contains several links. The reader will be able to see our original site by clicking on the hyperlink to our Homepage. Instructions for viewing the actual chart and a narrative of what happened to Seth can be found there.

By clicking on the hyperlink, “Coerced Contract”, the reader can see an example of the inexcusable manner in which medical malpractice law and the legal system can operate. We know from numbers of Victims that ours was not a unique experience.

We initiated a lawsuit to vacate that portion of the contract that requires our silence. Details of the lawsuit can be found by clicking the hyperlink below called, “In Defense of the First Amendment.” The interested reader will be able to see in great detail the extent to which the Courts will go in covering up malpractice – even when a crime has been committed.

We also started a lawsuit against the lawyer who coerced us.  Details can be found in the hyperlink, “Legal Malpractice Lawsuit.”

Finally, the hyperlink to our Proposal will give a summary of our understanding and thoughts about the direction we feel should be taken in dealing with this crisis in Medicine.

We make no apologies for the amount of information on this site. The topic is complex. Each and every Victim could (and should be free) to tell their own story. Ours is just one. We were unique since we were able to pierce through the cover-up.

The failure to deal responsibly with medical malpractice is a great national shame. It is symptomatic of a healthcare system that is fragmented and at risk of imploding. Safety will only come when we have well-regulated, fair, and universally available healthcare.

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